Book Review : The Black Magician 🎩

Author : K. E. Ward

Genre : Fantasy, Thriller

Rating : 🌟🌟 / 5

My review about book;

This book is no doubt a complete fun or a  good time pass. Having a cup of tea ☕ and a book in your hand make your story more interesting.

Basically it is a short story which doesn’t consume your much time. You’ll enjoy your book…

Well Sam is a boy who got a tarot cards 🃏 as a gift. He get involved in the black magic 🎩although he learns about it and discover that he has more powers. 🔮

Moreover he met a beautiful girl named Jasper. They liked each other and exchanged their numbers. They decided to meet at a shop.

But what happens next, a girl disappear. Was she deceiving him, or she ran away with any secret??? Or was she in a trouble?

How Sam find Jasper & successfully get to know the truth?

Will he use the black magic? 🔮 if yes How his magic helped him to know about Jasper? ??

It is a children’s book. They might happy and curious while reading a book.



Points I don’t like about the story ;


Story hasn’t a grip from starting.

And there are just a few characters although it is a short story but the characters doesn’t playing an effective role.

Concept of four Angels doesn’t make sense specially in black magic’s story

The story doesn’t describe the characters very well.

Story has a rapid changes which is not very impressive

Points which I’d like about the story ;

It is a short story full of mystery and fantasy.

The interesting way how Sam get involved into magic.

Description of the black magic.

Way too fast to know the truth.

Soft dramatically story.

About Author ;

Author’s first novel, The Heart Grows Stronger, was published in 2012 by a self-publishing company. She grew up in Chapel Hill, NC, graduated high school in Princeton, NJ, and have abided in the Seattle and Greater Seattle area since 2000.

11 thoughts on “Book Review : The Black Magician 🎩

    Great Work Shahnila this is the best review I have seen lately.
    Keep up the good work as your reviews are saving my time and money.
    Looking forward for more reviews.

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