Honey I grew up the kids – resolutions not just for me but my kids too!

By Shahnila Hassan

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Honey I grew up the kids – resolutions not just for me but my kids too!

Before marriage we set up new year Resolution for our self after marriage our priorities changed and we have to think for the spouse too. Apparently, I saw too many changes in myself after my baby was born. The experienced was totally different from my expectations. As a mother, this is my duty to make rules for them and make them a wiser kids.

First of all parents try to teach their children “ how to make resolutions” and than work on it. This is very important part and all kids must know the value of their own decision.

I’ll give you some tips.For instance, show them these kinds of alluring worksheet or other captivating activity

For a successful life, we must have to make rules for kids too. For example



Outdoor games

Indoor games

Be obedient


Parents should spend more time with kids

Junk food


Bad habits

Be organize


Avoid smartphones :

Last weekend When I went to the park with my daughter I saw many kids were busy in their mobile they were not taking rides or playing.I’ve noticed that lots of parents are facing the same problem but don’t forget you’re the one who gave them.

If you are thinking about what I do with my kid “Divert their mind”. How? Well play with them, sing a song, give them any activity etc

More outdoor games, less indoor games :

Why? Because it is medically proven that nowadays most kids have lack of Vitamin D in their body because they spent much time in their home so I decided to take my kids to outside during day time for sunlight.

Spend more times with kids:

I decided to spend quality time with family.You can make some plans and enjoy together. Even me and my husband decided to spend more time with our kids rather than doing other chores.


The best thing is reading. Make it a habit that you will read a book once or twice a week for kids. That will help them to explore or learn something new.This is very important you must read at least for 10-20 minutes for your kids. This will enhance their mental approach.

Junk food :

Try to eat less junk foods and more healthy meals. It is for mother and kids too. Junk foods are harmful for health. Try to eat more at homes because what we cook is fresh and healthy but at restaurants it is not mandatory they will serve you fresh meal.

The End. .

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Honey I grew up the kids – resolutions not just for me but my kids too!

69 thoughts on “Honey I grew up the kids – resolutions not just for me but my kids too!

  1. Lovely post and a good pointer to parents as well. We do not realize that we are the one’s who brought these gadgets in a child’s life and its our responsibility to keep their use in check.

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  2. Kids need models, not the preachers and as parents most of the times we fail and set a wrong example of using the gadgets all the time. Good post, Shahnila. Please share it on your social media tagging all the sponsors and hosts, using all the hashtags too. Thanks for being a part of this train.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. These pointers seems very basic but they are the ones to be forgotten an later joint category of resolutions. I liked the supportive images.
    Thanks for joining the train.

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  4. Wow what a presentation style, loved it totally. you had shared your NYR in really an interesting way, and I agree its high time to stop smartphone addiction and enjoy more outdoor things. all the best and may you get all happiness and success in the upcoming year! #NYR2019

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  5. Templates that you have provided are a great resource Shahnila. A very thoughtful and resourceful take on the prompt in general and life in new year in particular.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. How I wish, I could go back in time and be a parent in the era of no smartphones. Though I have been partially successful in weaning out my kids from the screen still they pine for some cartoon time throughout the day. I would rather that they played boardgames.

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  7. Perfect Post considering parents and kids doing resolution together. I love the way you emphasized outdoor games, it is very important to give kids a reality check. #vigorousreads #blogtrain #NYR2019 #Newyear_bloghop

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  8. Shahnila, I love the way you have used cartoons to depict your resolutions. Very interesting and unique way of representation. Enjoyed your piece!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Even my posts speaks somewhat on similar lines, which is to spend more time with kids. I liked the way you have described with illustrations and I feel these goals will go a long way for better parenting and healthy & smart kids.

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  10. Practical tips for both parents as well as kids, presented in a most palatable manner, through illustrations.
    The pictures add to the story 👍

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  11. Loved the way you made resolutions for the family in order to spend quality time. Kids learn by watching parents and having a resolution as a discipline for all helps everyone grow. Thanks for sharing

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  12. Hey such lovely post, informative too wit a punch of cartoons… Thoroughly enjoyed reading it❤ n yes I second u wit d Thot of taking kids out for tat vitamin D complaints

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