Book Review : To Each His Own

Author : River Ames

Genre : Romance

Blurb :
When the past and present collide Widower, Matthew Hollister, returns to the small Idaho town in which he grew up, hoping to provide a wholesome environment for his son. Matthew’s plans didn’t include Brian starting a feud with the son of elementary school principal Grace Banner. It’s when the boys stop feuding, however, and become the most unlikely pair of matchmakers to ever plot romance that Matthew faces his greatest challenge, resisting the widow of the man he once considered his very own nemesis

Book Review by Shahnila :

A cool romantic story. Its a simple Love between two people Grace and Mathew who liked each other but the problem are their sons. Who disliked each other.

Grace, a widow who lived with her son Jason. She is a principal of school. Whereas Mathew son’s Brian studied in the same school.

Well, Can you guess why both of their sons were enemy?

Mathew and Grace faced a lot of problems. They accepted each challenges that came into their way.

Well a simple love story which is having a care, fight, love, emotions, envy, feud etc.

Writer sketched the story so prolong that the reader could lost the attention. But overall the story is quiet and peaceful.

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