Book review : The Alpha Yeti

Book : The Alpha Yeti

Author : Sum

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Genre : Thriller, Adventure

No. Of pages : 213

Book description,

Every tribal land has its own tribulations and the Kasis were way beyond any hope or help, for what they were undergoing was terrifyingly unspeakable. It wasnt any myth or taboo. This one was true. The One God was as real as the White Giants. But, all the suffering and trepidation came from the impossibly aggressive Grey Giants. They were a deformity: a fallen imprecation on the Kasis. Somehow, a sensible Bhirendi, the elderly last of the Kasis, addresses the tragedy and rushes his people into the underground chambers of Ravaial before they are forced to face the wrath of the monstrosities that lately have begun to roll down from the White Mountain. With the situation only getting worse by the moment, the tribes hire a pack of ace hunters from the West. But, one of them freaks out and abducts the daughter of an estranged but once-upon-a-time famous hunter to only earn his ire. The hunters are drawn together into a strangely unwelcome land of doom with their fates sealed under the White Mountain. They soon realise that time is all they have left in the entire world when the Grey Giants begin their vicious play. SUM brings to you, The Alpha Yeti!

Review by Shahnila Hassan,

I like the concept of story. The fight is between men and yetis. Story is fascinating but prolonged at some places. This might divert the attention of reader. Although the concept is different. I like the character of Sanau. A daughter of Jai who played a main role amongst them. Jai who is the hunter but gave up the hunting for a long time. Whereas Wurli was the son of chief. All the member of tribe were caught in plight because of huge yetis. They need help but couldn’t get so wurli planned to kidnapped the daughter of hunter jai so he can help them.

How Jai and sanau helped people to rescued from the clutches of yetis?
What are the secrets of yetis that jai revealed?

To know more about the mysterious journey of Alpha yeti read the book and my blog.
Beside this i’d like to share my favourite lines from the book.

‘‘things aren’t meant to be the way they are and if things are done the way they aren’t to be, then they are already done now and we did greatly to cope with it” – Jai

Points I don’t like :

The story is full of drama, emotions, fight, feelings. They represents heroism also but the odd thing is that I wonder how a small girl Sanau fought so bravery meanwhile other men of tribes were out of scene.

I don’t like the cover it is not attractive.

Points which I like :

Chapters were briefly described that you can imagine the battle between them. Well this story contains less characters but heavy role played.

Thank you Writers Melon for sending me the review copy. I’ll recommend this book who like to read thriller and adventure.

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