Book review : Adventures with Annabelle and 



Author : Julie wenzlick

Illustrated by jaime Buckley

Genre :  Children’s book

Rating : 5/5

Review by Shahnila Hassan ,

Wonderful and best picture book for your kids

I love illustration. So colorful and well designed.

Story is marvelous having an engaging mode.

I love the way writer described the story and I’m sure every kids loves too.

This is a story about Cute little Annabelle who was bitten by doddle bug.

She draws doddle every time. Her parents was tensed about her sudden change in behavior. Whereas They took Annabelle to doctor where he analyzed about the bite of bug.

Moreover, Annabelle opened a shop and made more doddles. Gradually she became famous and everyone wants her doddle sketch.

Apparently the bite of bug was vanished and Annabelle was free from all this.

I really enjoyed every page of this book. I recommend you to buy this book for your little ones.

When pre-schooler Annabelle awakens one morning, she has a strange urge to start doodling.

She calls for paper and pen and begins doodling continuously, unable to stop—even for meals! Her concerned parents take her to the doctor, who discovers a doodlebug bite on her neck.

He assures them her doodling urges will end when the bite fades away. Annabelle gets so good at doodling she opens a shop to sell her work and even travels the world to share her art.

Then one day the bite fades and so do her uncontrollable urges.

Julie Wenzlick is a retired English teacher who loves to rhyme. She began writing poems and stories in second grade, and she loves to share her books with elementary students in hopes of inspiring them to write their own stories. Three of her books were inspired by her granddaughters Annabelle and Maisie. She often gets the question from her young audiences, “Did this REALLY happen?” Her book “The Day Annabelle was Bitten by a Doodlebug” was chosen as Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest Children’s Book category for 2017. Julie, who also writes songs to go with her books, produced her original full-length musical comedy “Singles File,” in the early 90s at three venues. You can find out more about her at

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