Book review : Daddy Dragon saves the day

Author : Marie Blair

Illustrated by 

Viktoriia mykhalevych

Genre : Children’s book

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

About Author :

Marie Blair is a novice children books writer with a sincere dedication to this work. Her primary goal is to create interesting educational and entertaining books for kids. Marie is a mother of two wonderful children, and her favorite thing to do with them is reading. She encourages other parents to do the same.

Book description.

The dragons of Quace are a boisterous bunch, and this scaly family is home alone with Dad! How will he cope with the chaos? Will he ever work out how to un-singe a lawn? And hey! Is that a meteor on its way to ruin everything? He’s going to need all his mythical might to make sure that Mrs. Dragon doesn’t come home to a smoking crater instead of a house. Young readers will enjoy the ride as captivating colors and rip-roaring rhymes join forces in this playful tale of everyday domestic dragon life getting quite out of hand

Review by Shahnila Hassan.

“Meet super Daddy Dragon” who is there for his mischievous kids.

While reading I was imagining my own kid and when the whole scenario came into my vision, I feel goosebumps, Well author described the story in a cute way I really Appreciate. Indeed the best bedtime story but little bit complicated for small kids.

Wonderful illustration !! I enjoyed the pictures on book. 

Excellent rhyming book and I’d recommend you to read a story to your kids.

All dad are super hero for their kids because they spent great time with each other whereas mommy are quite strict.
Well in this story daddy dragon was busy with children and mommy Dragon went outside for any chores. All kids made a home messy daddy Dragon tried to be organized but all helpless.. In the end daddy dragon saved his children from the giant asteroid. Now the children came to know their mistakes and apologized for everything.

Concept of story is good but little bit imaginary. 

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