Book review : Song of life: A Poetic Retelling of Mahabharatha”

I think you might like this book – “Song of Life: A Poetic Retelling of Mahabharatha” by Anuradha Singh.



Publication date :

2 Feb 2019

Mahabharata, India’s legacy, longest written poetry, stories interlinked into each other, with so many characters, events and places. Each character has a role to play, which is vital for the story to go ahead. This Mahakavya, which is written by Krishnadwaipayana Vyasa is imprinted on Indian mind. It has been translated world wide, every region of India has its own narration, interpretation and connection with Mahabharata. In song of life the author has created poetry which can be read and understood easily by young generation who have not read or heard of Mahabharata much. Along with the young even the elders can read and relish the easy flowing poetry of the verve.

Anuradha is working in the field of academics from past 18 years. She has worked in a variety of schools across India along with Nalanda University as an English Language facilitator. She is also an avid blogger and writes from her heart at www. . Being a post graduate in English Literature and then working as a teacher; writing poems, travelogues, articles and then a novel came naturally to her. Her debut book The Mysterious Widows of Mehboobpura is garnering fantastic reviews from readers all over. Song of Life is her second book, which is poetic narration of the events of Mahabharata.

Review by Shahnila Hassan ;

Writing style:

Poet used an appropriate literature.

Very unique way to narrates the story of country.

Impressive and energetic poem.


Well !! Perfectly designed and attractive

About book.

This book contains so many characters along with different incidents and war. A truly patriotic song. Whereas it contains a complete history of Bharat.

In this poem, poet narrates the struggle and heroism of people who sacrificed their self for the sake of country.

Story of war between greed & generosity, justice & injustice, self respect & ego, truth and lies last but not least loyalty & deceit.

The war was won by pandava but was it a win or a loss?

I like the ending. Indeed it is a very energetic one….

Thus I conclude my song of life which is an eternal song Sung yesterday, today and will be rendered tomorrow Which has no beginning and no ending.

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