Book review ; Once upon a reunion

Author : Nithya Sashi

Genre : Romance, suspense

Rating : 3 / 5

About author :

Nithya Sashi is an author and book reviewer from Chennai. She lives with her human family and three fishes. To earn some paper currency, she slogs at a day job creating e-learning courses and manages to balance her remaining personal time between her various writing engagements, her husband, and their fishes, in that order. She has written 2 romance titles and several short stories. One of them, Kalyani, got shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story award for the year 2018. Once Upon a Reunion, is her third fiction and first literary fiction title.

Review by Shahnila Hassan ;

Once upon a reunion is about a love, hate, betrayal, revenge etc.

– A tale of romantic journey

Nirmala is a married girl. Her husband Sreenivas, was loving and an exemplary husband. But a river of memories never stopped in Nirmala’s mind about her ex boyfriend Suresh. They loved each other but they broke up. Later on Nirmala married to sreenivas.

One day Nirmala’s best friend Arti called her and invited her in “reunion”. Reunion which changed the Nirmala’s life

After A lot of brainstorming Nirmala agreed to join them. Where she met Suresh after along time. There were other friends too who joined this reunion.

But suddenly, everyone got the attention of screaming and what next !!

They found Suresh’s dead body.

> what happened to Suresh? And how he died?

> what are the secret that lies behind the death of Suresh?

>why Suresh want to meet Nirmala?

A lot of intriguing queries raised..

Who cheated whom?

Who are the true lovers and who are the enemies?

An interesting tale of love and you will definitely love to know the suspense.

Cover :

I don’t like the cover much. Probably it doesn’t matches to title.

Writing style :

Author depicted a story in very simple way which I like the most.

Book description ;

Have you ever sat late into the night, missing an ex, and going over hundreds of ‘what-if’ scenarios? 
Have you loved someone to the point of losing your mind? 

Like most Indian women who have loved, lost, and settled for an arranged marriage, Nirmala secretly pines for her ex-lover, Suresh, even as she leads a happy, mostly peaceful life with Sreenivas, her husband. 

Memories of her first love resurface occasionally, disturbing her present life. 

Unable to fully love Sreenivas with the insane intensity she had felt for Suresh, she is conflicted and lives in a parallel world, always tormented by the probability of a what-if!

It is at this time that her school friends plan a high school reunion, which her ex-lover, Suresh would also be attending. Nirmala sees this as an opportunity to bring a closure to that chapter of her life. But she is torn by the uncertainty and the upheaval this might cause. She fears that her meeting with her ex-boyfriend might ruthlessly tear apart the delicate fabric of her marriage. 

And at the reunion, her world turns on its head.

Suresh is found dead.

Was it suicide? If not, who was the murderer?

Nirmala is crippled by the shock. But blame quickly falls on her as the ex with a motive and before she realizes she is in the police net. 

How does she manage to escape? And what effect does this have on her marriage?

Thank you ARL literary services for giving me chance to review this amazing book.


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