Book Review : The broken Amoretti

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Sudipto Das An alumnus of IIT KGP, Sudipto is a successful entrepreneur, author, musician, columnist and a speaker at TED events. A violinist, trained in Western classical music, Sudipto debuted as a music composer in 2014. History, culture, language, writing and music are of special interest to him. Member of an amateur music band, Kohal, he also enjoys travelling. This is his third novel. Aparajita Dutta Aparajita is a writer and a social activist. An M. Phil in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, she is currently pursuing her PhD from Louisiana State University. Her interests are gender and disability rights, sports, exploring new cultures and learning new languages.


To begin afresh, after her broken marriage, Saoli returns to India and starts living in prembajar at the house her grandfather had bought from Bitasta’s father. While cleaning the house, Saoli comes across an old diary, perhaps belonging to Bitasta’s mother, Panchali. The Diary has a very cryptic poem written in dactylic hexameter, the archaic meter of the ancient Greek epics. Aware of the fact that Sairandhri didn’t let her son, Parush, marry Bitasta, even though sairandhri and bitasta’s mother were best of friends, saoli gets in touch with the reckless parush, recently accused in a high-profile IP theft case in the US. As Parush tells Saoli about his heedless and shattered life, his unrequited love affair with Bitasta, his lifelong hatred for his mother and his topsy-turvy corporate career in the US, Saoli unearths the darkest secrets hidden in the cryptic poem all this long.

Why didn’t Sairandhri want Parush to marry Bitasta? Why was Bitasta the only person she wished to see on her death-bed? Why had she been nothing more than a beautiful but lifeless mural at home? The cryptic poem has the answers. Join Saoli and Parush in their journey to decode the past and discover their real identities, where love can never be chained by stereotypes. It’s time to set love free!

Unusually bold narrative … Almost lyrical in nature

– The Times of India

Review by Shahnila Hassan ,

The broken Amoretti is a novel consisted of two parts “with” or “without”. Personally I enjoyed the other part because it was based on practical life.

Well, this is a book about intense love. Writer described the love in poetic way. Love between the women, relations, work and much more.

Perhaps LGBTQ becomes the most common topic now a days which writer has mentioned.

Love the twisted ending. No doubt very mysterious and intriguing story with softly and neatly written that you enjoy reading..

Parush and Bitasta are the main characters. They love each other and wants to marry with each other. Bitasta’s mother was very supportive but parush’s mother was against them she didn’t want this marriage happen. Well a mysterious diary plays a great role between them. This diary belongs to Bitasta’s mother. In which she described the wind of love very well.

I love to read the every chapter of Parush’s life.

*Why his mother was against them?

*What was written in the diary?

*How parush dealt with every situation?

*How parush became so successful?

*Why parush and soali divorced?

So many interesting questions and all answers are in this book.

Indeed the readers will love the poetic touch in the story who has great poetic sense. But the book is written in very simple way.

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