Na kabil e faramosh raat … a horror tale

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A child or a mysterious child ???? A demon or a storm ?? That night you will never forget . If you want to read this story. Read at your own risk may be your life will be on roller coaster afterwards.


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Book Review : The broken Amoretti

About the Author

Sudipto Das An alumnus of IIT KGP, Sudipto is a successful entrepreneur, author, musician, columnist and a speaker at TED events. A violinist, trained in Western classical music, Sudipto debuted as a music composer in 2014. History, culture, language, writing and music are of special interest to him. Member of an amateur music band, Kohal, he also enjoys travelling. This is his third novel. Aparajita Dutta Aparajita is a writer and a social activist. An M. Phil in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, she is currently pursuing her PhD from Louisiana State University. Her interests are gender and disability rights, sports, exploring new cultures and learning new languages.


To begin afresh, after her broken marriage, Saoli returns to India and starts living in prembajar at the house her grandfather had bought from Bitasta’s father. While cleaning the house, Saoli comes across an old diary, perhaps belonging to Bitasta’s mother, Panchali. The Diary has a very cryptic poem written in dactylic hexameter, the archaic meter of the ancient Greek epics. Aware of the fact that Sairandhri didn’t let her son, Parush, marry Bitasta, even though sairandhri and bitasta’s mother were best of friends, saoli gets in touch with the reckless parush, recently accused in a high-profile IP theft case in the US. As Parush tells Saoli about his heedless and shattered life, his unrequited love affair with Bitasta, his lifelong hatred for his mother and his topsy-turvy corporate career in the US, Saoli unearths the darkest secrets hidden in the cryptic poem all this long.

Why didn’t Sairandhri want Parush to marry Bitasta? Why was Bitasta the only person she wished to see on her death-bed? Why had she been nothing more than a beautiful but lifeless mural at home? The cryptic poem has the answers. Join Saoli and Parush in their journey to decode the past and discover their real identities, where love can never be chained by stereotypes. It’s time to set love free!

Unusually bold narrative … Almost lyrical in nature

– The Times of India

Review by Shahnila Hassan ,

The broken Amoretti is a novel consisted of two parts “with” or “without”. Personally I enjoyed the other part because it was based on practical life.

Well, this is a book about intense love. Writer described the love in poetic way. Love between the women, relations, work and much more.

Perhaps LGBTQ becomes the most common topic now a days which writer has mentioned.

Love the twisted ending. No doubt very mysterious and intriguing story with softly and neatly written that you enjoy reading..

Parush and Bitasta are the main characters. They love each other and wants to marry with each other. Bitasta’s mother was very supportive but parush’s mother was against them she didn’t want this marriage happen. Well a mysterious diary plays a great role between them. This diary belongs to Bitasta’s mother. In which she described the wind of love very well.

I love to read the every chapter of Parush’s life.

*Why his mother was against them?

*What was written in the diary?

*How parush dealt with every situation?

*How parush became so successful?

*Why parush and soali divorced?

So many interesting questions and all answers are in this book.

Indeed the readers will love the poetic touch in the story who has great poetic sense. But the book is written in very simple way.

Book blitz : Wonder Walk

Children’s Picture Books

Publisher: Iguana Books

Date Published: April 16, 2019

Get out there with the curious Johnny and his patient Mommy, in this colourful, rhyming book, celebrating all the wonders of the everyday world.

Sneak Peek at the first page

About the Author :

 photo headshot_zpsw61ahkpn.jpg

Ilham (the “H” is the same “H” as in hat) lives in Toronto, Canada, with her family that includes a very lazy cat. Toronto is called a “city within a park” for good reason, due to all its public parks and greenery in every neighbourhood, from which Ilham drew inspiration for this book while out for her own wonder walks with her kids.
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Book blitz : You don’t belong here

 photo You Dont Belong Here_zpscbwiyoes.jpg

Children’s Book
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Published: January 2019

Book blitz;
Two muskrat brothers become displaced due to a storm and end up in a lady’s backyard. They make a big mess back there, and the lady decides it’s time for them to go. She calls a pest control company who comes and sets traps to catch them. He catches one of the muskrats and relocates him in a forest near a pond. He and his brother had never been apart before, and now he was all alone in an unfamiliar place. Some other animals approached him while he was drinking from the pond. They had never seen a muskrat before and were not as welcoming as he would have liked—until the muskrat proved himself worthy of living there by helping the animals defeat a dangerous foe. The other animals realized that he had some unique qualities and skills and did in fact belong at the pond, and they became friends. And someone special may have rejoined the muskrat to make for a happy ending.

 photo You Dont Belong Here girl holding print_zpsphkpfg7d.jpg

About the Author
Sean O’Toole is a pest control operator from Long Island New York. He has a wife, a teenage stepson, and 2 young kids of his own. He got the idea of the book while working at a house in Long Beach New York and caught 2 muskrats in traps and noticed how peculiar and cute they were and also how destructive. Sean dedicates this book to his 2 sons Dylan and Brayden.

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Book review : Always & Never

Book : Always and Never

Author : Lisa Shumate

Genre : Self Help, Personal Growth, Happiness, Motivational and Inspirational

Date Published: April 11, 2019

Publisher: Lucid Books


ALWAYS do as you say you will.
Make your commitments a priority, and you’ll earn something
invaluable: trust. The ability to build and keep trust is worth more than anything else you can bring to the table. No skill, degree, or talent can replace reliability. Trust is the connective
tissue between you and every important relationship in your life, including your parents, spouse, boss, coworkers, and friends.

About Author:

Lisa Trapani Shumate is Associate Vice President of the University of Houston System and General Manager of Houston Public Media, and also serves as Executive Director of the Houston Public Media Foundation. She holds national leadership roles with PBS and the Public Television Major Market Group Board.

Lisa has more than 20 years of media management experience, is the recipient of numerous awards, and participated in an International Business Residency in China. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston.
Lisa is expanding her media footprint to publishing with the goal of sharing wisdom and encouragement with young men and women entering adulthood.

Review by Shahnila Hassan;

Always and Never is a book basically about to empower your intuition. It will teach and guide you that how you can simplify the golden rules. By following this not only you can live a peaceful life moreover you can know the importance of yourself. It is very necessary to know the value of your conscience. There are almost 20 truths which demonstrates very well. Author compared and explain the rules which one can do ‘always‘ and ‘never’ . I appreciate the author for spreading the love and wisdom which one can get by her/his own experience. This book is a little gift for those who care for their love one. Other than this the book is very precise and practical.

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Book review : Those Who Seek God.

Date Published: April 11 2019

Childrens / Juvenile Fiction : Religious – Christian – Values & Virtues / Juvenile Fiction : Rlittlesjl1 – Christian -Animal- General

Rating: 4/5
Date Published: April 11 2019

Publisher: Lucid Books


God Wants to Be Found! In ‘Those Who Seek God’, little readers will enjoy a sweet story about young animals wanting to learn more about God. Through Bible verses and conversations with loved ones, these characters discover that seeking God is simple. He wants to be found!

Small and big kiddos too, snuggle in close as you listen to how the swan, otter, kitten, caterpillar, and others learn more about God and what it means to seek Him.

Review by Shahnila:

⭐ Cute little story for kids who are curious to know about the nature. Tho facts that are older than their ages. Writer explained accordingly to little readers mind.

⭐ Simple language and easy book to understand.

⭐ Including religious verses.

⭐ Described with the help of beautiful illustration.

About the Author

Niki Milburn is a proud homeschooling mama, with a degree in elementary education. She loves Jesus, coffee, adventure, hiking with her family, and picture books! Niki grew up in Greencastle, Indiana but currently lives in the suburbs of

Atlanta with her high school sweetheart Nate, their two boys—Miles and Maguire, an English Bulldog, and a rescue pup. You can connect with Niki on Instagram (@nikimilburnatl).
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Book blitz `The tracker´

Book blurb:
I’m a trained killer. An expert tracker.I’ve done despicable things. My soul is damaged. My body impaired. That’s what happens when you are a soldier for The Company. I was discharged a year ago. Now I am a dreg. Worthless. With a bounty on my head. I’ve become a creature of the night, hiding in an underground maze during the day. Because I’m not ready to die yet.She comes to me one night, needing my help to find her sister. The moment I see her, I want her. Her goodness calls to me, makes me yearn for the impossible. She brings life back to the deadness inside me. I’m no good for her. I will do nothing but corrupt her. But I’m a callous bastard. I can’t resist her.I try not to care for her, but somehow she slips under my skin. She makes me weak. And there is only one thing in this world I am afraid of. Weakness.I’ll never be good enough for her, so I have to finish this job and send her on her way.Before she destroys me.


“Where are we? Why am I here? My head’s a little fuzzy.”

Gordon nodded. “It’s the drugs they gave you. You’ll get used to it eventually. Before long, you won’t even remember your own name. They’ll give you a new one, depending on your skills. That is, if you survive long enough to learn some skills.”
Liam’s heart pounded harder. That didn’t make sense. The last thing he remembered was…he searched hard for a memory of some kind, but only came up blank. He couldn’t remember anything except his name, and that had barely come to him. He clung to that memory, not wanting to forget his name.
Liam. My name’s Liam. Don’t forget it. Don’t forget.
My name is Liam. Liam.
I’m Liam.
Liam who?
No last name came forward. No middle name. Just Liam.
It would have to be good enough.
Liam.How old am I?
He glanced down at himself. Faded jeans. Black hoodie. Converse sneakers. Wiry build. Not as old as Gordon.
He stared blankly at the big, redheaded kid.
How old am I?
He glanced back down at himself.
Yeah. I’m twelve. I think.
Panic gripped him again. He couldn’t be sure. What was going on? Why couldn’t he remember anything?
Gordon’s words finally sank home: It’s the drugs they gave you.
Liam’s heart rate kicked up even more, galloping in place like a tethered thoroughbred. Drugs? Who were they? What had they done to him? He shouldn’t be here. He should be home with…who? His family? Did he even have a family?
His head hurt, a fierce pounding that made him want to scream in agony. He clutched his head in his hands and groaned softly. “Why am I here? Why? I don’t understand.”
Gordon shrugged. “Why are any of us here? Because we’re expendable. I just hope you last longer than my last roommate did.”
Liam snapped his head up, the headache screeching to a sudden halt. “What happened to your last roommate?”
Gordon eyed him with a seriousness that made Liam flinch. “He didn’t survive the first round of tests.”
Tests? What tests? What was this guy talking about?
“This is freaking me out.” Liam jumped up from the bed. He paced across the cell to the bars. Staring out into the corridor, he shouted, “Help! Let me out of here! There’s been a mistake!”
A big hand gripped his shoulder. “Won’t do you any good, Liam. You can scream and cry until you’re hoarse. They won’t free you. You’re not a human being anymore. You’re a test subject. A lab rat.”
Liam spun his head around, his gaze locking on Gordon’s. “What do you mean? Who are they?”
Gordon sighed. “They are The Company. They own us now. From this point forward, you just need to concentrate on staying alive, because you can’t run, and you can’t hide. You’ll never escape.”
He gave Liam a sympathetic pat on the back and turned away.
“Welcome to hell, roomie.”

Leslie Georgeson is the author of thestandalone mystery/drama NO SON OF MINE, the UNLIKELY HEROES romantic suspense series, the paranormal/sci-fi romance series UNDERNEATH, and the newly released THE DREGS, a military romantic suspense series.
Leslie lives with her husband anddaughter on a quiet country acreage in Idaho. She is currently working on The Extractor, the seventh book in The Dregs series, and anticipates an August 1, 2019 release.










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Book review : The last Nomad

Author : Heramb Sukhathankar

Rating : 5 / 5

Genre : suspense, fiction

Review by Shahnila Hassan 

A book that indulges everyone’s interest”

“Another successful book by Heramb”

Writer described very beautifully about each phases of lifestyle. From a slum boy to a modern educated man. A story from a Rahul to Ryan. 
In each stage Ryan’s life became more complicated. Something is there to know. Some part of his life is hideously and he was curious to know about this. Perhaps Nature was playing hide and seek with Ryan.

Although his continues struggle helps him to accomplished his mission and he sorted the secret that lies behind it. 

To know more about the journey of Rahul to Ryan. You must read the book.

Indeed the best suspense fictional story.

I love the story from beginning. No one can imagine where the story takes them. But the bonding of evolution is engrossing. 

The last Nomad” title is very suitable. Before start reading I was confused about the title but now I must say writer described the title in very appropriate way. 

Book description : 

Every moment of Rahul Gite’s childhood has been etched with strange stories: untold stories from the dark and dreary lanes of thriving Shantinagar slum in Bombay. Written by nameless faces out of the thrust for survival, these are stories of love, hate, greed and belief. But everyone despises them; they bring us face to face with life—off guard and will-less. Then there is Ryan Davis, enjoying the ancient myths and legends from his parents, sitting in the drawing room of a well furnished apartment in Sagamihara, Japan—the land of hope. Life in Sagamihara has been nothing short of a fairy tale: streets bathing in the beautiful pink cherry blossoms, autumn leaves floating at the mystical Lake Sagami and gigantic kites magnificently soaring in the skies during the Sagami Giant Kites Festival. Every new day is a story soaked in fantasy, leaving Ryan longing for more. One day by happenstance, Rahul and Ryan meet each other at the crossroads of life. Will they have to let go the stories they have cherished?

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Book blitz ; Blueberry Pancakes


Book Blurb

Writing songs for a would-be pop star is painful. When young, gay songwriter Duncan falls in love, he writes a love song. When he gets dumped, he writes a break-up song. Luckily for his songwriting career, his love life is a roller-coaster.

When his long-term boyfriend breaks up with him, Duncan finds solace in music. And pancakes, of course. With the help of his sassy diva singer and best friend Marlene, her ex-boyfriend guitarist, and a local music producer, they form a musical dream team to produce songs to pitch to agents, and for Marlene’s promising singing career.

A new guy here, a new guy there, they are delicious distractions, but this drama fuels new and better songs. And that ex? He just won’t seem to go away. But it all pays off when they have their first number one hit with a teenybopper all-girl band.

Not everything in their favorite hangout-a breakfast restaurant called Pancake Heaven-is rainbows and maple syrup. The all-girl band drops them as songwriters, and they squabble with one another over their musical future. Will they find the success they can be proud of?

Blueberry Pancakes is a contemporary gay drama about falling in and out of love, the price of success, and walking through the world with confidence.

Book Excerpt

I don’t remember how many couples he introduced me to at this party, and I forgot most of their names. In each case, Christopher introduced me as my Duncan. I never thought of myself as being so much of a catch that somebody would be proud to be with me, the way I felt proud to have Jesse when we were together.

    “I need a drink,” I whispered in his ear.

    “Just a few more,” he said.

    Bradley approached us again, and three more couples followed. We made a circle, and everybody shot off questions in rapid succession. It started off easy with questions about my work and where I grew up, but then developed into an interrogation of whether I owned summer homes and stock portfolios. Was I supposed to feel bad I didn’t? One guy leaned in and asked how attached I was and if I wanted to keep my options open. He wore thin-rimmed glasses that fell down his nose as he raised his eyebrows.

    “I’m happy where I am,” I said. I wasn’t sure if that was a lie or not, but I certainly didn’t want to get it on with a guy asking people if they would cheat on their partners after just meeting them.

    “You’ll break soon enough,” he said, winking. “When it happens, I’ll be there.”  

    A flamboyant guy with a pure-white, faux-fur sweater and hot pink jeans chimed in. “I have a brownstone in Lincoln Park. You should come see it sometime. It has a hot tub on the rooftop with a nice view of downtown.” I couldn’t concentrate on remembering his name because the sweater was distracting me.

    “I bet you like being the pretty one,” said a voice behind me. Behind me, a drag queen with a Jackie O wig smiled at me. She had really broad shoulders or was just wearing shoulder pads underneath her shimmering black dress. “You’re the pretty one. Don’t act like you don’t know it.”

    The notion stopped me in my tracks. Was I? Is that why Christopher was so adamant about calling me arm candy? Jesse was always the pretty one when we were together. I scanned the room and mentally ranked the attractiveness of each person. At first, I hated myself for being so shallow, but then I told myself it was in the name of scientific research. I guessed I would rank decently in this crowd of gay men who ranged from their mid-20s to their 50s. There were so many hotties. I came across a guy standing near the fireplace and figured he was without a doubt cuter than me. He had a nice body and was not afraid to show it off. This was the first time another guy caught my eye since I met Christopher.

    “If I were with you, I’d tell you how pretty you are every single day,” said the drag queen. “I’d praise the day someone like me could get someone like you.” She opened her arms to hug me, and I demurred. Where was Christopher to save me?  

Author Bio

Anton Lee Richards is a queer writer from Chicago. In a previous life, he worked in IT. In a previous life before that, he was a songwriter. He lives in Chicago with his partner and his Instagram-star bunny.

Author Contact Details and Social Media

Book links

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