Book Review : One Very Odd Teacher

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Book Review : One Very Odd Teacher

Book Review by Shahnila Hassan

Author : Robbie Yates

Rating : 🌟🌟🌟 / 5

Genre : Mystery

Author Bio

Robbie Yates is an author from Melbourne, Australia. He likes cocoa, cheeky poetry, and eating all of the red jelly beans before anybody else can get to them.

In his free time, Robbie likes to read ridiculous and wacky kids’ fiction. He also likes practical jokes and terrible puns.

Review :

This is amazing book by Robbie Yates. In this story  Adam is a boy who saw very odd dreams about Mrs. Murphy who was Adam’s science teacher.

In school Adam noticed a very odd behavior of his teacher Mrs. Murphy like She always suggest students to use TrooCo marker instead of other stationery.

Also she behave so weird when someone asked her any question.

There are some loud noise in class noticed by Adam…

Along with that he saw some odd movement of Mrs.Murphy… why is she doing this all?

He shared his feelings with his best friend Jennifer and  With the help of her Adam investigate about his teacher…

But how??

They found some clues in school trip. Why Mrs. Murphy behave so weird? What she want? For what purpose she was doing this all?

This story is full of suspense. No doubt it is full of entertainment.

Ummm !!!

Some things which I don’t like about the story is that :

Although it is a good story for kids but there are only few characters in the story.

Things what I like is;

Concept of story is very nicely explain.

Appreciate to writer’s hard work 👏.

Book Blurb:

The humming noise got louder. Adam willed himself to focus. He had to finish his math test.

Suddenly, the noise became unbearable. He glanced up.

Mrs Murphy was inches away, leaning over another kid’s desk. Was the noise coming from her?


Every child remembers a teacher who was a little bizarre, prickly or ill-tempered. Some teachers, though, are very odd indeed, and warrant some closer attention…

This quirky chapter book will thrill kids who are adventurous, brave, and a little bit cheeky!

Thank you shalini and Digital Reads Blog Tours for giving me a great chance to be a part of this wonderful book.

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